Taking care of our beloved Earth is the real secret of ARTE’s farmers. The fruits of the highest quality that derive from it are the natural consequence of this passion. The goal is to offer through the senses, the essence and the characters of PUGLIA. ARTE, in fact, located in the center of the golden expanse of the Apulian Tavoliere, produces and transforms its efforts into aromas and flavors rich in emotion, strength, tenacity, but also lightness and persistence, typical of this land. In the idea of preserving this enormous wealth, Arte has decided from the beginning to carry out all the production processes, without impacting the environment. “Care of the earth is protection of human health” Every choice of ARTE, from the seed to the methods of conservation and processing, are aimed at guaranteeing the well-being and health of those who feed on these fruits.


The farm
Our farm, the operational headquarters of the entire production process, is located between Manfredonia and Cerignola, close to the Margherita di Savoia salt marshes. You can find us here:
SP 66 km 3,300 – 71042 Cerignola (FG) – Italy

The pasta factory
Pasta is made up of only two ingredients, semolina and water. For this reason, we have decided to locate our pasta factory in Candela in the Daunia mountains where the water of the Sele spring flows limpid and crystalline, a fundamental ingredient for the composition of our artisanal pasta. You can find us here:
C.S.I. Area artigianale Corpo C snc 71024 – Candela (FG) – Italia

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