“Guarding the future”


We are an Apulian farm located between Manfredonia and Cerignola, a place that has always been suited to the cultivation of grains and other cereals. Our goal is to produce high quality products trying to enhance the typical aspects of the Apulian tradition, with innovative and sustainable methods by closing the supply chain from field to table.

We started from environmental sustainability, creating a Biogas production plant that allowed us to think concretely about the future by closing the supply chain through a virtuous energy cycle starting from an #agricolturafattabene.


Everything comes from the earth! We have chosen to sow and work the soil with sustainable techniques that respect the soil and the environment. We have rediscovered the advantages of sowing hard, which allows you to decrease the work on the ground, reduce fuel consumption, and at the same time emissions into the atmosphere. We perform multi-year crop rotations to preserve the soil from continuous removal of the same nutrients, in the same quantities. Over the years we have renewed our agriculture using precision systems that allow us to perfect the processes and measure everything we do by obtaining data in real time and rework them to analyze and estimate what in the next agricultural year will need to be perfected.


We know that pasta is made of only two ingredients! Semolina and water … We only use semolina produced with our Senatore Cappelli BIO durum wheat. The semolina is produced by innovative processes that allow to keep the wheat germ even in the non-whole semolina, guaranteeing an unmistakable flavor to the product and unique and unmistakable organoleptic and nutraceutical characteristics. Water, a fundamental ingredient in the pasta making process, flows limpid, good and fresh from the sources of the Daunia mountains, where our pasta factory is located, and contributes to giving that unique and genuine flavor to our pasta.

Our pasta is produced with traditional processes (BRONZE DRAWING and SLOW DRYING at very low temperatures) but with cutting-edge technologies that allow the organoleptic characteristics of the product to remain unchanged, to have less impact on the environment and to control and track all processes productive. Pasta ARTE is a very porous pasta, which presents ancient flavors and smells of homemade pasta and a strong aroma of semolina, for the classic version while a strong aroma of cereals for the whole version.


We produce clean energy, which allows us to make our production processes self-sufficient, thanks to our 625 kWe and 900 kWt biogas plant, started in 2010, which has allowed us to grow and close the supply chain from field to table. Part of the energy produced is used to power the plant, the offices, the changing rooms, the meeting room, the canteen and soon the cleaning, selection and processing of seeds plant. The thermal energy produced by the plant is also reused to heat the plant digesters, offices, canteen, and to feed an agricultural dryer. The ARTE production cycle is virtuous in that everything that is subtracted from nature as a by-product is used to produce electrical and thermal energy through anaerobic digestion and is then brought back to the soil in the form of organic fertilizer. In fact, the anaerobic digestion produces the excellent organic fertilizer digestate which has helped to recover soils by now in the desertification phase and to obtain crops with excellent nutraceutical levels. Thus ARTE closes a circle that identifies a circular economy model: FROM EARTH TO EARTH.


Pasta ARTE was born from a deeply felt company project that is based on the desire to create a good product and which at the same time is good for the body and the environment. The link between healthy nutrition and physical and mental health is inseparable, for this reason it is essential to choose with care and attention what we eat and we producers what we offer on the market. A good product is also healthy if the raw material that composes it is of the highest quality and if the production processes with which it is processed manage to preserve all its nutritional properties. We have always grown Senatore Cappelli and other typical crops of the area, we had chosen this wheat because it was born in 1915 right on our land, for its excellent nutritional properties, for the beauty of its ear with its long and black remains and for its ability to adapt to different soil and climatic conditions. Two years later, our Senatore Cappelli Bio durum wheat became … Pasta ARTE Bio. We take care of the transformation phases down to the smallest detail: the collection, cleaning of the seed, temperature-controlled storage, milling and production in our pasta factory. In each processing phase, the product must never exceed 38 ° C so that the nutraceutical characteristics of the raw material remain unchanged.